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What was the problem?

Rajat Cable is an Indian-based brand, manufacturing electric wires, and cables for complete cabling needs. Being one of the most favored and oldest companies, it received a considerable amount of orders through an offline medium but were struggling to acquire new clients. We suggested creating an e-commerce application where its products can be purchased with a few clicks from anywhere in the world.  We realized, they did not have an organized, aesthetic or secure platform from which their customers could see, browse, compare or order products from. They also lacked in building an online presence and a strong community of local businesses. To increase the customer base for its products, we identified the need to create its digital presence by setting up its product availability on the screen of its customers.

What we have done

We created a fantastic B2B Android mobile app. The application was designed with the following objectives

1) The app would encourage clients to browse and buy the business's products.

2) We designed an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to engage and expand the customer base.

3) With vibrant graphics we intended to raise the application's visual appeal.

We also helped the brand build a strong foundation with its Social Media Presence. We found the brand's target audience, & promoted it on Facebook. The social media marketing of this brand was quite unconventional as its audience were mainly other businesses. We made sure we gave our 100% in helping Rajat Cables establish itself in this digital world.

What we have learned

Rajat Cables is a really distinctive brand, thus it required careful consideration and a significant level of effort. Creating a message board for unique ideas and narratives that their audience might identify with was one big task that we accomplished. We discovered that the tactic of focusing our efforts on building a community was highly effective.

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