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What was the problem?

The company started with just 7 employees but has reached to the count of over 500+ employees currently. When the company started expanding, over 800 distribution units became part of the structure. But handling and managing products, shipment, meeting deadlines and keeping track of logistic vehicles was creating more and more chaos. 

What we have done

When Kleanup hired us, we deeply studied their situation, needs and any other requirements and specifications. After which we started working on building a tool that would help the brand to manage, keep track of and handle manufacturing, packaging and shipment of every product seamlessly.

The aim was to make the process a lot faster and easier with better tracking.

Therefore we built them an android app with smart tech.

The purpose was to manage their supply chain management.

We built UI as per the needs of the client.

As the client distributes the products to over 1000+ cities and towns around the country, we made sure the Admin panel we built could help them track their complete inventory through the supply chain.

Tech stacks used

Front end - Kotlin

Back end - Node.js

As their system of work got faster and better, the company also hired us, to help build the “Kleanup Brand” and market its products to retailers all around the country with the power of Social Media Marketing.

What we have learned

We have learnt that Kleanup is a very big Indian Brand. It is the largest manufacturer of Steel Scrubs. The requirements of this brand were unique and very different from our previous experiences. So, we put in a lot of effort and made sure each and every demand was met. We also learnt that for the Social Media Marketing of Kleanup to be effective we needed to use a new approach so that we could land as many target audiences as possible organically.

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